Protect endpoints now and in the future

Cyber security is increasingly challenging with both the volume and sophistication of attacks. Malware is becoming more accessible than ever, meaning that even the unskilled criminal can carry out lethal breaches.

Traditional AV approaches are failing to provide sufficient protection. SentinelOne has developed a next-generation approach to endpoint protection. One that applies AI and machine learning to protect against known and unknown threats.

Endpoint protection

SentinelOne’s Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) provides unified detection, prevention and response capabilities within a single purpose-built agent; providing complete visibility into the individual endpoints with a full context, real-time forensics.

SentinelOne uses fully-automated, policy-driven response capabilities to eliminate threats rapidly, supporting all Windows versions as far back as XP, more than ten flavours of Linus and Apple macOS.

The solution – Active EDR

Replacing traditional signatures and eliminating recurring scans that impact end-user productivity, SentinelOne’s single-agent technology uses multiple AI engines to stop attacks before they infect the system.

As soon as the malicious activity is detected, the agent automatically responds at machine speed, providing real-time protection against file-based and file-less malware, lateral movement tactics, weaponised documents and zero-day exploits. If required, endpoints can be automatically isolated, disconnected from the network and rolled back to their pre-infected state, with no impact to the end-user.

How it works


A single-agent technology uses a Static-AI engine to provide pre-execution protection. The Statis-AI engine replaces traditional signatures and removes recurring scans that kill end-user productivity.


SentinelOne’s Behavioural AI engines track all processes and their interrelationships regardless of how long they are active. When malicious activities are detected, the agent responds automatically at machine speed. Their behavioural AI is a vector-agnostic – file-based malware, which scripts weaponised documents, lateral movement, file-less malware and even zero-days.


SentinelOne’s Automated EDR provides rich forensic data and can mitigate threats automatically, perform network isolation and auto-immunise the endpoints against newly discovered threats. As a final safety measure, SentinelOne can even rollback an endpoint to its pre-infected state.

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