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The ABC’s Of Threat Hunting.

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Employees today use a variety of networks in a host of different ways. Your business needs to adapt to the network security challenges that face the modern workplace

CWSI can provide your workforce with secure access to company resources from anywhere. Our solutions are guided by zero trust principles and will keep your people protected and productive. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) has replaced Virtual Private Networking (VPN) as the gold standard of security protection.


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CWSI have the skill set and experience to deliver the right solutions for your business.

Identity-centric security model

Only authorised users can connect to business applications and ensure policy enforcement is consistent across data centres, clouds and Saas applications.

Application-based microtunnels

Only connect users to apps they are authorised to access. Microtunnels enforce least privilege access and prevent lateral network movement (a common vector for security breaches).

Modern cloud infrastructure

Zero hardware to manage, support contracts to renew or complex software to configure. Even eliminate the need to have administrative control of a device to enable secure access.

Integration with your identity services

Enable user authentication through single sign-on (SSO) and eliminate the need to manage certificates.

Risk-aware access policies

Enhance security by preventing access from users and devices that may be compromised.

Lightweight application

Automatically establish tunnels when applications need to connect and seamlessly reconnect if there is disruption.

Fast and efficient connectivity

Uncompromised access to business apps – without impacting battery life – and operates silently in the background without interfering with the user experience.

Intelligent split tunnelling

Ensure business connections are secured while enabling non-business applications to route directly to the internet, preserving end-user privacy and optimizing network infrastructure.

Unified access policy

Spans all hosting locations (on premises, private and public clouds, and Saas applications),all modern operating systems, and all management paradigms.


Our Voice

The ABC’s Of Threat Hunting.

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Our Voice

What is Microsoft’s Extended Detection & Response (XDR)?

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