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The ABC’s Of Threat Hunting.

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As technology becomes harder to penetrate, no matter how smart your security is, human error is the greatest vulnerability of any organisation. Whether it’s exporting data, capturing customer lists or sharing pricing details, people will always be the weakest link in your compliance chain.

We can help you contain and protect your data, wherever it’s stored and however it’s being shared between your people. By implementing systems that look at how your data is being managed we can ensure a consistent and secure method of protection.


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CWSI have the skill set and experience to deliver the right solutions for your business.

Data Protection Readiness Review

Our guided workshops will prepare you for M365 compliance and governance. We’ll help you prioritise existing licences, regulations, control and policies and figure out what you need to move forward.

Teams Data, Governance Baseline Assessment

We’ll assess your Teams governance, compliance and security controls against M365 baseline protection. We’ll help you control Teams sprawl issues, internal/external access control, data retention & sensitive information protection controls.

M365 Compliance Review

Guided by Zero-Trust principles, we’ll advise you on risks and mitigation techniques. We’ll review your identity and access controls, device management controls, data protection and compliance controls.

Microsoft Governance & Compliance Solution Overview

Use Microsoft Security controls to meet your security, compliance and governance objectives. This empowers senior stakeholders make better informed decisions about security.

M365 Compliance Design

We’ll create and implement a low-level design for your M365 governance and compliance controls.


Our Voice

The ABC’s Of Threat Hunting.

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Our Voice

What is Microsoft’s Extended Detection & Response (XDR)?

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Technology Talks

Managed Security Services

Listen to CWSI’s CTO , Mark Mitchell outlining the benefits of implementing a Managed Security Service.