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Connect & Go

IT department are suffering from a lack of time and resource to manage the demands of regular roll-outs of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

To ease the burden on the IT department, CWSI provide our customers with a bespoke Connect & Go service to efficiently and safely roll-out devices across an organisation.

Challenges that Face IT Departments.

  • Lack of capacity in the IT department to accurately take care of the roll-outs.
  • Time consuming onboarding new devices.
  • Ongoing support tickets from employees.
  • Business devices going out unmanaged.

What is Connect & Go?

To facilitate the increased use of mobile working in a safe and efficient way, the Connect & Go service was created to take care of the roll-out of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The Connect & Go team specialise in migrating and rolling out hardware in combination with a secure mobile device management environment. We can take care of every aspect of the roll-out and ensure that the migration runs smoothly with little burden on the IT team.

The Connect & Go Approach.

Phase 1 – Connect & Go Inventory

The first phase mainly consists of a thorough inventory.  In this phase, the type of devices, user groups/personas is documented. Deliverables in this phase are the development of a project plan, a schedule and designing a step-by-step plan for the roll-out.

In addition, on request we can take the time to make an instructional video that both employees and IT departments can use during the roll-out.

Phase 2 – Connect & Go Implementation

CWSI’s Connect & Go roll-out team will implement the roll-out. There are several options for carrying out a roll-out:

  • Individual guidance
  • Group training
  • Remotely and a central desk on location (s) where employees can physically visit.

Since the introduction of the Connect & Go roll-out service in 2020, we have helped multiple IT departments across all verticals. We have developed a proven approach that saves IT departments time, resource and budget.

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