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Future-Proof Your Workforce (POSTPONED)

To operate successfully in today’s remote workplace, new, flexible tools for management and configuration are a must. Join our Future-Proof Your Workforce Webinar on the 24th of March at 10am, where Product Director, Wouter Troost will talk through tackling some of the most common challenges faced by IT Teams.

Past Events

Microsoft Entra Webinar

Watch this webinar to understand how quickly Microsoft Entra Permissions Management can bring your IaaS platform into compliance.


  • What Entra Permissions covers and how it integrates and what it mitigates.
  • How it aligns to CIS/ NCSC/ NIST frameworks for compliance.
  • How quickly it provides results.
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SentinelOne Foundations of Cloud Security Webinar

Watch our SentinelOne Cloud Security Webinar where the expert’s take you through:

  • Why traditional on-prem security approaches don’t work in the cloud. 
  • The key components of cloud security
  • The importance of automated application control to protect cloud-native workloads with “lockdown” capabilities.
  • How SentinelOne Singularity Cloud simplifies the security of cloud VMs and containers, providing runtime protection that detects anomalies in running workloads, and identifies and kills unauthorised processes
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Microsoft Data Loss Prevention Webinar

Increased volumes of data and the spread of collaboration is leading to a significant burden for compliance teams and general data management.

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • The main causes of data leaks and threats
  • The stages of a DLP strategy
  • DLP, Governance, and Compliance
  • What is advanced threat protection
  • Threat defence and Compliance
  • Real-Life customer business case

Day in the Life of a CRO

Watch the exclusive book launch of ‘How to be a Chief Risk Officer‘, written by industry expert Jennifer Geary. Following on from the success of her first book on the COO role, this book de-mystifies the CRO role by breaking it into its constituent parts and outlining the requirements in the current day. Drawing on industry standards and enriched with expert insight and real-life current examples, it condenses a vast range of knowledge and experience into one accessible read.

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