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Managed Extended Detection and Response | Premium

For many organisations, the transition to the cloud is a phased approach and results in having a mixed estate across cloud and on-premises. The MXDR Premium offering brings greater visibility, integration and automation capabilities to detect, investigate and rapidly respond to security threats across all your environments for end-to-end visibility and faster remediation.

Cyber security network

Service Features

24/7 CSOC and skilled analysts – Security Analysts are available 24/7/365 offering continuous monitoring and protection.

Extended Threat Detection & Investigation – 24/7 threat detection across your entire estate using advanced XDR, including endpoints, network, infrastructure (on-premise and cloud) and the ability to ingest events from any API or source for complete coverage.

Proactive Threat Intelligence – Continuous cyber threat intelligence (CTI) integration from wide-ranging sources is used to take proactive action and block emerging threats to better defend your organisation.

Custom Threat Detection Rules – Creation and management of bespoke threat detection rules above out-of-the-box to meet your unique cyber security requirements.

Rapid Threat Response – Automated security playbooks instantly respond to common tasks and threats, while sophisticated attacks are rapidly investigated and mitigated by CSOC analysts, reducing time to detect and respond to threats and their potential impact.

Custom Security Playbooks – We expand upon the library of built-in playbooks with custom playbooks to automate investigation or response actions in-line with your security policies.

Extended Threat Hunting – Advanced threat hunting and vulnerability management across your entire estate to proactively identify and protect against new and emerging threats.

Service Governance and Reporting – Regular service governance, account management and reporting ensure optimal service delivery and drive continuous service and security improvement.

Security Advisory – We continuously feed security recommendations and guidance into your teams and security strategy based on the metrics we gather so you benefit from a proactive and forward-thinking roadmap.

 Service Transition – Through standardised service transition and a rapid technical onboarding using Azure Lighthouse, we ensure all key information is captured and you can be up and running quickly.

Phishing Attack Simulation – Periodic phishing attack simulation to train employees and reduce risk.

Service Benefits

Extensive threat visibility across your estate, covering endpoints, networks, infrastructure (on-premise and cloud) and any other sources to ensure fewer blind spots and reduce gaps in threat detection visibility.

Automatically detect sophisticated threats across any source with integrated threat detection, AI-based analysis and custom detection rules.

Better leverage advanced automation, AI and machine learning capabilities to automatically investigate and respond to threats across your estate against agreed security playbooks.

Enrich events with holistic contextual information to reduce alerts and prioritise those that matter, increasing CSOC efficiency and reducing alert noise and fatigue.

Faster detection and response times by eliminating common threats through automation whilst advanced attacks are prioritised by the CSOC team.