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Advancements Within a Cyber Security Operations Centre 

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Alliances and Partnerships

Since being founded in 2010, CWSI has created influential cybersecurity alliances and partnerships in both Ireland and the wider European market. As the Cybersecurity Market continues to increase and the threats to our customer’s rise, CWSI prioritises these partnerships and alliances.

We have a strong belief that innovation and market development are dependant on collaborating and sharing best practice and market trends. Additionally, this allows us to stay on top of market trends and offer a first class service to our clients.

The European Mobility Alliance [EMEA Group]

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CWSI is one of the founding members of The EMEA alliance, Europe’s largest partnership of dedicated enterprise mobility experts focusing on the modern workplace. Founded in 2015, the alliance consists of companies based in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ireland and The United Kingdom – EBF, mobco, Nomasis, BLAUD, CWSI.

EMEA members actively share resources, market intelligence, and best practices. This allows us to foster a supportive environment where we can assist one another and our respective customer round the clock. Our efforts have yielded remarkable results. We have earned the trust of prominent European brands and government organisations by delivering digital workplace solutions that excel in providing employees with an exceptional experience and surpass industry standards. Importantly, our solutions maintain a strong focus on security, compliance, and privacy, ensuring peace of mind for all stakeholders involved.

Cyber Ireland

With its strategic position, Ireland is poised to leverage the growing global investment landscape to its advantage. It has a unique opportunity to establish itself as a leading global destination for cyber security practices, solutions, and investment. The mission of Cyber Ireland is to foster collaboration and support within the cyber security ecosystem, enabling it to seize this opportunity and propel Ireland to the forefront of the industry.

Initially joining because of our first-mover status as a CMDSP trainer in Ireland and exclusive resellers of market leading threat defence technologies, this was a seamless fit. Through this partnership, we enhance the growth, innovation and competitiveness of companies within this cluster.

Cyber Ireland 2023 - 2024 Membership Badge

Irish Information Security Forum (IISF)

The main objective of the IISF is to enhance the comprehension and implementation of Information Security (IS) among the computer user community in Ireland’s business sector.

Through this partnership, CWSI is able to help foster the building the Irish computer user community by sharing invites to exclusive CWSI events. These provide a platform to learn about the trending cyber security services, exchange best-practice, and network with industry experts.