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Advancements Within a Cyber Security Operations Centre 

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The Obstacles that are Preventing the Adoption of Successful Hybrid Working?

When it comes to securing their end user devices, most organisations need to boost their visibility and threat detection – but at the moment, only 7% of IT leaders say they are extremely confident in the endpoint management process.


The complexity of securing multiple platforms, locations, and networks, whether in the cloud or on-premises, continues to challenge organisations.

Securing the Perimeter

Heavy budget cuts are already underway, forcing IT leaders to choose technology according to cost, instead of quality and level of protection.

The business must align safeguarding endpoints with WFA arrangements, but security architects face major obstacles on the route to implementing zero-trust.

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Where are we the weakest?

Companies must find the right talent to help them map the threats they’re facing daily and discern whether their cloud has the correct set-up.

For a successful digital transformation, companies need to educate their employees about the risks of home devices and networks, while implementing a seamless IT architecture, so that workers won’t want to use their own device.

Find out what obstacles and risks are preventing the adoption of successful work from anywhere (WFA) approach.

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What’s the alternative?

Too many organisations think they don’t have to worry about breaches, as it won’t happen to them – until it does, and data is compromised.

According to research, 65% of IT leaders say the demands on their endpoint estate have increased, while none said that demands have decreased.


In order to protect their assets, analysts predict that by 2025, 80% of organisations will adopt security service edge solutions, unifying internet, cloud services and private application access through a trusted single vendor’s SSE platform.



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3 Imperatives for Securing Your Hybrid Workforce.

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