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CWSI announced as one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies 2023.

CWSI, has been named as one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies. The awards programme is led by Deloitte Ireland, in association with Bank of Ireland.

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Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is a product within Microsoft Endpoint Manager. It is a Microsoft cloud-based management solution that allows you to manage mobile apps, devices and operating systems. At CWSI, we work with Intune using a proven 6-phase approach to deploy successfully within your organisation.

When is Intune the Solution For You?

  • Looking to or currently working with device and operating system management from one central location.
  • Seeking a solution that integrates well with Microsoft Entra ID.
  • Working or planning to work entirely in the Cloud.
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CWSI’s Integration Approach

To date CWSI has helped a large number of customers implement Intune. To streamline the deployment, we have developed a 6-phase approach which take our clients through the journey towards fully managed devices that meet the necessary requirements in terms of security, management and user-friendliness.

6 Step Intune Implementation Process

1. Inventory

In a collaborative session, we deep dive into your requirements. In these sessions we discuss a plan for the short and long-term and compile documents centred around the advice, requirements, and wish-list.

2. Preparation

Once the requirements are transferred into technical documents we determine which settings should apply to the Endpoints and secondly, which functionalities should be made available to the end user. Everything is recorded so that you are able to use it as substantiation in a later phase, if and when needed.

3. Implementation

In this phase, our Intune consultants takeover and will set up the environment based on the formulated advice and technical details. During the implementation phase, our consultants are at your disposal to provide additional information and share their knowledge with you. We conclude this phase with extensive testing both from our end and from a test group selected by yourselves.

4. Knowledge Transfer

At this stage, the Intune environment will be up and running. Next steps is to provide you with both management and helpdesk training, to ensure you are able to start working with the environment independently. The information provided is not limited to the Intune solution, but also includes all additional solutions such as enrollment programs, device logging, troubleshooting, etc.

5. Production

Once the administrator and helpdesk staff know what to do and the environment has been tested, it is the end users’ turn to activate their devices. We remain in direct contact with your employees during this process and also able to offer customised manuals and video instructions.

6. Support and Management

Your environment is likely everchanging, due to either the implementation of Intune, but perhaps also due to changes within the business. CWSI is available to provide ongoing support.

Why Intune?

Microsoft Intune has had a somewhat slow start as it was a small player against brands like BlackBerry, MobileIron and VMWare. However, now it is clearly a mature competitor and in many ways it is not only just as good as its’ competitors, but often better.

Microsoft has adopted and fully supports the full set of API and functionalities of iOS and Android. In addition, Microsoft offers the possibility of securely unlocking internal applications by means of the Application Proxy and Microsoft Tunnel.

If you are looking for a complete MDM solution that scores well in the Gartner Quadrant, Microsoft Intune, is the way to go.

Discovery Workshop

Embarking on your Microsoft Intune journey or looking for specialist advice? Sign up for a discovery workshop with one of our Microsoft consultants.