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Advancements Within a Cyber Security Operations Centre 

Read our blog which delves into the shifting landscape of CSOC security, offering insights into upcoming trends to keep you well-prepared for the year ahead

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Managed Data Security Services

Knowing what data you have in your organisation, and controlling who can access it, is key to defending against ransomware. Inversely, knowing what data you have and controlling who can access it is key to being able to exploit the opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft CoPilot and Microsoft Fabric.

Managed data security is an area of real strength for our business. We carry the Microsoft Security Information Protection and Governance Advanced Specialisation, meaning we are leaders in this field.

Our data security services allow our customers to discover, classify and protect their data. We also allow our customers to govern against insider risk and/or accidental data loss.

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What Are Data Security Services, and Why Are They Important for Businesses?

Data security services encompass a range of measures designed to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. They are crucial for businesses to safeguard their valuable data assets and maintain the trust of customers and stakeholders.

What are the 4 Elements of Data Security?

The main concepts of data security can be broken down into 4 sections, confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and availability. Despite some of these sections being seen as more important than others, for the best data security outcome, your approach should be a blend of all of these elements.

Data Security and Cybersecurity the Same?

Though they may be similar in principle, data security and cybersecurity focus on different things. With data security, the protection is focused specifically on the data, however with cybersecurity the focus is on all forms of digital security.

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How Secure is Your Data?

The average company’s data footprint keeps growing exponentially. Imagine this: people create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and send 333.2 billion emails every single day.

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CWSI Named Digital Technology Company of the Year.

CWSI, Ireland’s most experienced mobile and cloud security specialist, announces that it has been named Digital Technology Company of the Year at Technology Ireland’s 2023 Award ceremony.

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Talking NIS2 with Microsoft.

Tune into Paul Conaty, discussing with Microsoft’s Nikoleta Gamanova and Tomás Casasco, the hot topic of upcoming the NIS2 directive that will come into national law on October 17th 2024, bringing a set of common standards that will affect a minimum of 180,000 European organisations across 18 sectors.

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