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CWSI announced as one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies 2023.

CWSI, has been named as one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies. The awards programme is led by Deloitte Ireland, in association with Bank of Ireland.

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Cloud Security Webinar with CWSI & SentinelOne.

Most enterprises are increasing their reliance on cloud infrastructure, but many are unaware that alongside its benefits, cloud computing brings new risk factors that require a different approach to endpoint security.

Your cloud infrastructure is just as vulnerable to ransomware as your user endpoints – perhaps even more so. Consequently, security teams are recognising the need to expand what EDR brought to the endpoint to Cloud Workloads. But adopting an effective Cloud Workload Security strategy that can deal with all kinds of workloads such as VMs, Servers and Containers running on multiple different platforms – is often easier said than done. 

Watch our SentinelOne Cloud Security Webinar where experts Marcus Twitchett, Bhunnesh Rajput and John Pease take you through:

  • Why traditional on-prem security approaches don’t work in the cloud. 
  • Key components of cloud security, including Identity & Access Management (IAM), Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) and Data Security.
  • The importance of automated application control to protect cloud-native workloads with “lockdown” capabilities that guarantee the immutable state of containerised workloads.
  • How SentinelOne Singularity Cloud simplifies the security of cloud VMs and containers, providing runtime protection that detects anomalies in running workloads, and identifies and kills unauthorised processes like malware, cryptojacking, and more at machine speed.

Speak to one of our experts about how the SentinelOne Solution can help your orgainsation stay secure.

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Our Voice

CWSI announced as one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies

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Data Protection World Conference

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Building An Effective Mobile Security Strategy.

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