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CWSI announced as one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies 2023.

CWSI, has been named as one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies. The awards programme is led by Deloitte Ireland, in association with Bank of Ireland.

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Saving Tens of Thousands in Mobile Data Costs for Ireland’s Health and Safety Authority

The Health & Safety Authority (HSA) is responsible for ensuring the workplace safety of over two million workers. One of the HSA’s strategic objectives is to improve the way it works through people, processes and technology. With a workforce reliant on mobile connectivity, particularly while working in the UK and other parts of Europe, the Health & Safety Authority was experiencing bill shock on a regular basis, due to unexpectedly high data roaming charges.


Although the HSA had implemented blanket policies on a domestic and roaming basis to reduce costs and ensure corporate compliance, these policies made remote working difficult in practice, severely impacting employee productivity.

The HSA needed a way to keep workers productive without incurring excessive data costs. They were also concerned about the safety of sensitive corporate data carried on employee mobile devices. A solution was needed that would give them peace of mind that their data would be safe from mobile threats.

How we helped

CWSI worked closely with the customer to review use cases, understand user personas and review the existing technology and policies. The result was to recommend Wandera – a web gateway solution for mobile data – which had the dual advantages of providing both data control and data security in a single, easy-to-deploy application.

With the support of CWSI, The HSA implemented granular policies, on a domestic and roaming basis, to curb unnecessary spending and ensure corporate compliance. These policies include blocking data-hungry applications over 3G or 4G networks and blocking unapproved websites. Rather than being blocked from any activity that might accrue data roaming charges, staff were empowered to embrace mobile working on-the-move, with safe and secure access to their files and information whenever and wherever they need it.

With these controls, the HSA could allow its staff members to remain productive by allowing access to work critical sites and applications whilst controlling non work-related use.

In addition to the data cost management benefits, the Wandera solution offered the HSA full visibility of the state of the organisation’s mobile security posture, providing the same high level of protection for sensitive data as the HSA’s desktop and laptop security.

The solution also provided the HSA’s IT administrators with the ability to identify and remediate specific security issues as they happen in real-time.


With the visibility Wandera provides into user behaviour, the HSA has optimised its staff’s data consumption by defining key business requirements and acceptable personal use. The data caps and policies HSA implemented when users are abroad, have eliminated bill shock completely, reducing costs by over 50% and resulting in projected cost savings in the region of €30,000 per annum.

Additionally, Wandera’s real-time ability to manage policy changes has significantly reduced the amount of time spent on IT administration and policy enforcement. According to Barry Young, Systems Security & Telecoms Manager for the HAS, as the Wandera product evolved from primarily protecting against bill shock into a fully-fledged secure gateway solution, so too did CWSI’s expertise, resulting in the highest level of support, service and advice wherever it was needed.

  • Over €30K per annum in data cost savings – no more bill shock
  • Increased productivity for employees
  • Improved employee experience – balancing business and personal use
  • Enhanced mobile security
  • Visibility, control and ease of management for IT team

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